Biology Sensor Bundles

The equipment you need to teach Biology through Inquiry Teacher Guide Labs

Perform these 26 challenging biology labs with the Teacher Guide and these sensors…

Dissolved Oxygen Sensor + Fast Response Temperature Probe

›› Cellular Respiration in Yeast bluebox

Temperature Sensor

›› Energy Content of Food bluebox

›› Exploring Microclimates through Temperature bluebox

Weather/Anemometer Sensor or Weather Sensor

›› Exploring Microclimates

›› Weather in a Terranium bluebox

Weather/Anemometer Sensor + GPS Position Sensor + My World GIS

›› Exploring Microclimates with a GPS

Dissolved Oxygen Sensor + Fast Response Temperature Sensor

›› Rate of Photosynthesis for an Aquatic Plant bluebox

Carbon Dioxide Gas Sensor

›› Metabolism of Yeast bluebox

›› Plant Respiration & Photosynthesis

›› Respiration of Germinating Seeds

Oxygen Gas Sensor

›› Enzyme Action

Barometer/Low Pressure Sensor

›› Osmosis

›› Transpiration

pH Sensor

›› Acid Rain

›› Membrane Permeability

›› Organisms & pH

›› The Role of Buffers in Biological System

›› Soil pH bluebox

Fast Response Temperature Probe

›› Regulation of Body Heat bluebox

biology1biology2EKG Sensor

›› EKG & Factors that Affect the Heart redbox

Hand-Grip Heart Rate Sensor

›› Exercise & Heart Rate redbox

Breath Rate Sensor

›› Exercise & Respiration Rate redbox

Force Sensor

›› Muscle Fatigue redbox


›› Volume of Breath redbox

Water Quality Sensor

›› Water & pH bluebox

›› Water Purification bluebox

bluebox Lab activities with the color square require the Standard Sensor Bundle.

redbox Labs with the color diamond require the Extension Bundle for Physiology.

All other activities can be done with either the Starter or Standard bundle.