Chemistry Sensor Bundles

The equipment you need to teach Chemistry through Inquiry Teacher Guide labs

Perform these 28 challenging Chemistry labs using the Teacher Guide and these sensors…

Absolute Pressure Sensor

›› Boyle’s Law

›› Percent Oxygen in Air

›› Rates of Reaction

Absolute Pressure Sensor + Fast Response Temperature Probe

›› Guy-Lussac’s Law and Absolute Zero

Absolute Pressure Sensor + Stainless Steel Temperature Probe

›› Ideal Gas Law


›› Concentration of a Solution (Beer’s Law)

›› Single Replacement Reactions

Conductivity Sensor

›› Electrolyte vs. Non-Electrolyte Solutions bluebox

›› Properties of Ionic and Covalent Compounds bluebox

Fast Response Temperature Probe

›› Evidence of a Chemical Reaction

›› Heat of Fusion

›› Specific Heat

pH Sensor

›› Le Châteliers Principle

pH Sensor + High Accuracy Drop Counter

›› Acid-Base Titration

›› Diprotic Titration

Stainless Steel Temperature Probe

›› Intermolecular Forces


Temperature Sensor (Stainless Steel or Fast Response)

›› Heats of Reaction and Solution

›› Hess’s Law

›› Phase Change

›› Stoichiometry

Voltage/Current Sensor

›› Electrochemical Battery

›› Molar Mass of Copper bluebox

No sensor required

›› Conservation of Matter

›› Density bluebox

›› Double Replacement Reactions

›› Graphing Mass vs. Volume to Determine Density bluebox

›› Significant Figures

bluebox Lab activities with the color box require the Standard Bundle.

All other activities can be done with either the Starter or Standard bundle.