ScienceStarCorporation is PASCO’s exclusive partner in developing Science Education in the Philippines.

ScienceStar comes with technical sales and support with factory – trained in California and can answer your questions and provide hands-on PASCO-certified training.

As PASCO Partners, we offer the complete portfolio of PASCO products, software and apparatus. Get your hands on the latest interfaces, try experiments with our dataloggers and see demonstrations of the newest software. ScienceStar can help you build your new science lab, stock up on supplies for the next school year or provide guidance when integrating science technology into your curriculum.

We can also help you get more out of your existing science equipment investment. And if you’re looking for a deeper level of content, technological or product knowledge, we can direct you to a variety of professional development programs for your educators.

As SciencePartners, we offer wide variety of products for:

 ›› Elementary

 ›› Middle School


 ›› HIGH SCHOOL: Biology

 ›› HIGH SCHOOL: Earth and Environmental Science

 ›› HIGH SCHOOL: Chemistry

 ›› HIGH SCHOOL: Physics

 ›› UNIVERSITY: Physics & Engineering