Boost your Physics Lab with Power and Value in One with the PASCO 850 Universal Interface

ampup850PASCO was built on the foundation ofmeasuring scientific events and visualizingdata. The 850 Universal Interface and PASCO

Capstone software delivers a complete sciencelearning environment that offers the highestsampling rates available in the market today.

The 850 Comprehensive Physics System explores topics in Mechanics, Waves, Optics, and Thermodynamics, and Electromagnetism. The included bundles for each series contain the probeware and equipment for the lab experiments.

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Bridging the gap between Toothpick and Computer Simulation2nd

These sets are made up of light weight, sturdy and easy to assemble I-beams that take structure building from an idea to reality in an incredibly short amount of time. But that’s not even the most exciting aspect of the Structure Systems.

Experience real-world design by building a large variety of structures. These reconfigurable systems allow students to measure static and dynamic forces using load cells, and still have time to redesign and test again.

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Physics Laboratory Equipment

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