Elementary School Science

Lab activities and guide designed for teacher and student success

PS2875_spark_bndl_44743›› This standards-based, STEM-focused guide is designed by educators for both new and experienced teachers alike.

 ›› Activies for grades K-1, 2-3, and 4-5 cover core topics in life, earth and physical sciences.

 ›› The lab activies engage students as they make predictions, collect real-time data, use critical thinking skills to     solve sequencing challenges, and answer questions embedded throughout each activity.

 ›› Multiple-choice questions give students practice for standardized exams.

 ›› The guide includes assessment as well as a flash drive with teacher tips, the full teacher edition, and                    an editable MS Word version of student handouts.

 ›› It supports use of SPARKvue, SPARKvue HD, the SPARK Science Learning System, and Xplorer GLX.


Perform these 29 challenging Elementary School labs with the Teacher Guide and these sensors… 

Force Sensor

›› Conservation of Matter (2-3)
›› Heavy and Heavier (K-1)

Motion Sensor

›› Near and Far (K-1)

Temperature/Sound Level/Light Sensor

›› Can Plants Survive Without Water and            Sunlight? (2-3)
›› Cars and Heat (2-3)
›› Chemical Reactions (4-5)
›› Determining Sound Levels (4-5)
›› Feeling and Measuring Temperature (2-3)
›› Freezing and Melting Water (2-5)
›› Heating Land and Water (4-5)
›› Hot and Cold (K-1)
›› How a Greenhouse Works: Heat (4-5)
›› How a Greenhouse Works: Light (4-5)
›› Hunting with Light (2-3)
›› Investigating Sound Levels (2-3)
›› Keeping Warm (4-5)
›› Light and Dark (K-1)
›› Mixing Water (K-1)
›› Temperature and Change (K-1)


Voltage Sensor

›› Electric Circuits (4-5)
›› What is a Conductor? (4-5)
›› What is an Electromagnet? (4-5)

Weather Sensor

›› Dew and Frost (4-5)
›› Microclimates (4-5)
›› Observing Clouds (2-3)
›› The Water Cycle (4-5)
›› Weather Instruments (K-1)
›› Weather Station (4-5)