Middle School Science Teacher Guide


Lab activities and guide designed for teacher and student success

  • This standards-based, STEM-focused guide is designed by educators for both new and experienced teachers alike.
  • The lab activities engage students as they collect real-time data, make predictions, use critical thinking skills, and build vocabulary skills with key term challenges.


Perform these 49 challenging Middle School labs with the Teacher Guide and these sensors…

Chemistry Sensor

›› Acid Rain and Plant Growth
›› Acid Rain and Weathering
›› Air Pressure and the Lungs
›› Boyle’s Law
›› Conservation of Matter
›› Energy Transfer
›› Exploring Environmental Temperatures
›› Heat Transfers in Fluids
›› Introduction to Acids and Bases
›› Investigating Evaporative Cooling
›› Investigating Solar Energy
›› Neutralizing an Acid and a Base
›› Observing Phase Changes
›› Operation Deep Freeze
›› Seasonal Pond Exploration
›› Soil Characteristics
›› Sunlight and Photosynthesis in Aquatic Plants
›› Water’s Role in the Climate
›› Thermoregulation of the Body
›› Transfer of Energy in Chemical Reactions
›› Varying Lights
›› Varying Reactions Rates
›› Voltage Time

Conductivity Sensor

›› Soil Salinity bluebox
›› Water, the Universal Solvent bluebox

Force Sensor

›› Archimedes’s Principle bluebox
›› Muscle Fatigue bluebox
›› Newton’s Third Law (requires 2 sensors) bluebox
›› Simple Machines and Force bluebox
›› Work and Mechanical Advantage bluebox

Hand-Grip Heart Rate Sensor

›› Recovery Heart Rate
›› Venous Blood Flow

Light Level Lux Sensor

›› Bright Lights
›› Investigating Seismic Waves
›› Night and Day
›› Photosynthesis
›› Seasons

Motion Sensor

›› Are You Speeding?
›› Exploring Velocity and Inertia
›› Mapping the Ocean Floor
›› Motion Graphs
›› Simple Harmonic Motion

Motion Sensor + Force Sensor

›› Newton’s First Law bluebox

Weather Sensor

›› Investigating Evaporation and Condensation bluebox
›› Monitoring Weather bluebox
›› Observing Clouds bluebox
›› Transpiration bluebox

bluebox Lab activities with the color square require
the Standard Sensor Bundle.All other activities can be done with either
the Starter or Standard bundle.

Earth Sciences