New PASCO STEM Modules

PASCO’s new STEM modules integrate the four components of STEM through an engineering design challenge in the life or physical sciences, with a tangible product or process as the outcome

  • Guided by the national standards
  • Incorporates a problem-based learning approach, emphasizing inquiry
  • Incorporates both independent and collaborative work
  • Includes both formative and summative assessments
  • Features an engineering design challenge as the culminating project

Each PASCO STEM module is centered on an open-ended Challenge in which students are given the task of designing, constructing, and implementing the solution to an engineering problem. The Challenge is based on fundamental science concepts in one or more of the sciences and simulates a real-world problem that a modern engineer might encounter, with similar design constraints. For an illustration, see the example on page 181 of our STEM Air Bag module.

Each STEM module includes :

  • Student handouts and information to assist the teacher in presenting, guiding, and assessing the student’s work
  • A Research section that contains science and math activities (both student handouts and teacher notes)
  • Challenge and Activity handouts, which are designed to be copied and used for multiple classes
  • The Concluding the Module section with wrap-up questions for discussion and Post-assessment handouts for the students with answer key for the teacher

4 STEM Modules :

  • Air Bag
  • Biosphere
  • Egg Drop
  • Collisions

Earth Sciences