SIGWA is the Tagalog word for an upcoming storm from which its acronym stands for Students Involve in Geophysical Weather and Atmospheric Studies. A research grant was awarded by the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research, Dr. Arnie Azcarraga to Dr. Gil Nonato C. Santos, recipient of the DLSU Challenge Grant for the research project entitled DLSU Air Weather Observation System (AWOS) for the DLSU District Schools and Science Schools in the Philippines. Read more


E4 Science Forum and Lab Workshop

The E4 Program was established to develop and promote technology designed to complement and enhance education delivery systems for our educators. E4 stands for Electronic Enablers for Excellence in Education, which calls for further integration of the use of technology in our educational system, to improve productivity, cost and efficiency, thereby, allowing the system to provide high quality and highly affordable education for an even greater number of people in the Philippines. Read more